Gluten Free Sweets

Gluten Free Sweets: Gluten sensitivity is a condition which affects quite a few people, but this does not mean that you have to miss out on your favourite sweets. If you are avoiding bread products you can always tuck in to Gluten Free Sweets for your treats. We are gathering information on the sweets we offer for sale and placing them in a separate category for you to find it easier to search. The sweets we have started with are the ones where the manufactures have placed this information on the label. Many sweets are naturally Gluten free but its best to stick with the companies that display the label just to make sure and provide information on the ingredients and suitability for people with food tolerances.

Our main supplier for Gluten free sweets is Vidal. The majority of the sweets purchase from them are Gluten free and come in tubs so are great for Adults and Children alike who suffer from intolerances. If you have child that wants a party bag of gluten free sweets I bet the other children will have no idea that they are gluten free as they look and taste just as good. With these products nobody has to be singled out and made to feel different.

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  • Big Sour Zappers

    Big Sour Zappers. Mega Sour gum by ZED candy 30 x 30p
    Big sour bubblegum 30 packets by ZED candy
    our price £6.49
  • Brains 1kg

    Brains jelly filled gummy sweets 1kg bag by Vidal
    Brains Jelly Filled 1kg by Vidal
    our price £3.99
  • Brains Jelly Filled

    Brains jelly filled 120 x 5p by Vidal
    Brains jelly filled 120 in a tub by Vidal
    our price £3.97
  • Bullet Roll

    Bullet Roll . Fruit Flavour Sugar Free Candy Roller 9 per box
    Candy Roller x 9
    our price £6.99
  • Camel Balls

    Gluten free Fini Camel Balls Extra Sour liquid filled 200 in a box  by Fini
    Bubblegum Balls 200 in a box by Fini
    our price £6.99
  • Chicken Feet

    Chicken Feet Red and Yellow chicken Feet Strawberry flavour shaped jelly 5p x 120p per tub by Vidal.
    Red & Yellow Shaped Jelly 120 x 5p by Vidal
    our price £3.97
  • Coconut Mushrooms

    Coconut mushrooms sweets 3kg Taveners
    Coconut Sweets 3kg by Taveners

    Regular Price: £13.85

    Special Price: £13.25

  • Cola Bottles Bubble Gum

    ola Bottles Liquid Filled Bubble Gum Gluten Free 200 pieces
    Liquid Filled Bubble Gum by Fini
    our price £6.99
  • Dib Dabs

    White lemon flavour sherbet dip with strawberry lollipop
    White Sherbet by Barratts 50 packets
    our price £13.59
  • Edinburgh Rock

    Edinburgh Rock, this is a soft and and crumbly fruit flavour boiled sweet 2 kg jar by Gibbs.
    Soft and crumbly 2kg Jar by Gibbs
    our price £15.55
  • El Toro Balls

    Gluten free Fini El Toro Balls Bubblegum Extra Sour liquid filled. 200 in a box  by Fini
    Bubblegum Balls 200 in a box by Fini
    our price £6.99
  • Exploding Rocket Spray

    Exploding Rocket Spray. Fruit Flavour Liquid Candy Spray 9 per box
    Candy Spray x 9
    our price £6.99
  • Face - Off

    Face -off Fruit flavour lollipops. 12 in a box
    Lollipops x 12
    our price £8.25
  • Fantasy Lizards

    Fantasy Lizards jelly 60 x 10p by Vidal in a tub
    Jelly gummy 60 x 10p by Vidal
    our price £3.97
  • Giant Crocodiles

    Giant Crocodiles by Vidal Several Coloured gum and foam sweet 3kg Gluten Free
    Fruit Jelly by Vidal 3kg
    our price £9.96
  • Ginger Creams

    Ginger Creams 2kg jar by Gibbs
    Fondant with hard shell 2kg Jar by Gibbs
    our price £15.55

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