Halal Candy Sweets

Halal Sweets Candy and Mallows: This candy and mallow section of Halal Sweets gives us so much in the Halal sweet range, Think Candy Sticks in old style cigarette packets all with the theme, Superman, Spider man, the incredible Hulk, The super hero Avengers. Candy Floss in small and large. There certainly is a lot of candy products that can be classed and Halal Sweets. They an be made to be Chalky crumbly sweets, Sugar paste sweets which have a softer chewy consistency or Fizzy hard candy.. The term Candy sweets is used more often with candy being imported from all over the world. These are real favourites and very popular with all Marshmallow or Just Mallows, come in all shapes and sizes, We sell 1kg bags with Pink and White Rounds the traditional type or Pink and White Hearts, Mallow Twists just like flumps or Mega Twist Mallow which are wrapped.. An essential part of your Halal range of sweets. Marshmallows are usually bulky so a great party sweets a real bag filler. Also great as weddings sweets. Whatever your taste there will be a type for you to enjoy.

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