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Kids Bubblegum: Bubblegum is a kids favourite and always has been, its designed to be blown out of the mouth and that's why it's so much fun. Bubblegum is available in many different colours and flavours, peppermint, tutti fruity, blue raspberry, strawberry, apple, cherry, watermelon, peppermint and grape. Of the many new products we received every year bubble gum is one of the top. We hold a vast range, liquid filled, mega sour, jawbreakers, gum powder to name a few.

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  • Anglo Bubbly

    Anglo Bubbly bubble Gum 240 wrapped gum in a box by Barratts
    Bubblegum 240 pieces in a box by Anglo
    our price £7.99
  • Bubble Rubblez

    Bubble Rubblez
    Bubblegum Nuggets x 12 by Candy House
    our price £7.99
  • Camel Balls

    Gluten free Fini Camel Balls Extra Sour liquid filled 200 in a box  by Fini
    Bubblegum Balls 200 in a box by Fini
    our price £6.99
  • Golden Gum Nuggets

    Golden gum Nuggets
    Bags of bubblegum 24 x 28g in a box by Rose

    Regular Price: £8.99

    Special Price: £8.25

  • Golf Balls

    Golf balls delicious original minty flavoured gum 45 packets at 20p by ZED Candy.
    Mint Bubblegum 45 x 20p packets by ZED

    Regular Price: £7.15

    Special Price: £6.49

  • Jawbreaker Blue Razz

    Blue Razz Jawbreakers. 30 x 30p Hard Candy Balls with a Bubble Gum Centre  by ZED candy.
    Hard Ball with Bubblegum centre 30 in a box
    our price £6.49
  • Jawbreaker Sour

    Sour Jawbreaker. 30 x 30p 5 in a packet x 30 packs.
    Hard Ball with Gum Centre 30 in a box by ZED
    our price £6.49
  • Mini Gumball Machine

    Mini Gumball Machine
    Gumballs by Candy House 12 in box
    our price £8.99

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