Kids Confectionery Foam and Mallow Sweets: Foam is always popular. Foam sweets are a flavoured paste in various flavours Foam Bananas, Raspberry Shrimps etc. and are often classed as old fashioned sweets or retro sweets. But they are after all an all-time favourite and defiantly a kids sweet. No matter your age these have been around for years and are still loved today. Marshmallow or Just Mallows, come in all shapes and sizes, we sell wrapped Mega Mallows, 1kg bags with Pink and White Rounds the traditional type or Pink and White hearts, Mallow Twists and Squidgy sugared Golf balls. An essential part of your childrens selection aways popular and buying foam in this way makes this an economical addition to your selection. Marshmallows and Foam are usually bulky so a great party sweets a real bag filler. Also great as weddings sweets.

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  • Bumper Bananas

    Bumper Bananas FOAM SHAPED CANDY 2kg by Barratt
    Banana foam sweet by Barratt 2kg
    our price £7.59
  • Choco Bananas

    Choco Bananas coated jelly, 120's by Vidal
    Choco Bananas 120 x 10p by Vidal
    our price £8.30
  • Christmas Mallows

    Christmas Mallows
    Tree & Snowmen Mallows 1KG
    our price £4.99
  • Jelido Marshmallows

    Multi coloured twist marshmallows individually wrapped. 48 x 20p
    Multi Coloured Mallows 48 x 20p by Jelido
    our price £6.49

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