Kids Gums and Jelly Sweets Confectionery

Kids Confectionery Gums and Jelly Sweets: Gums and Jellies come in lots of different shapes and sizes and we have placed a variety of sweets in this section there are Blue and Baby Dolphins, Teddy Bear , Jelly babies, Turtles, snails, Bones. Cola Bottle, Happy Cherries, Gold Bears, Milk Bottles and Jelly Filled Frogs and Fried Eggs just to name a few. Gums have a firmer texture than jellies. Gummi Candy Gummi Sweets, Gummy Candy, Gummy sweets, Gummies or Jelly sweets all describe Gums & Jellies. We sell the best quality gums at affordable prices. They come in boxes, bags, packets and tubs. Shearsweets have a huge choice ideal for your Sweet shop, Tuck shop, Party or any event at affordable prices.

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  • Blue Dolphins

    Blue Dolphins jelly sweets 60 x 10p by Vidal
    Blue Dolphins jelly 60 in a tub by Vidal
    our price £3.97
  • Brains 1kg

    Brains jelly filled gummy sweets 1kg bag by Vidal
    Brains Jelly Filled 1kg by Vidal
    our price £3.99
  • Brains Jelly Filled

    Brains jelly filled 120 x 5p by Vidal
    Brains jelly filled 120 in a tub by Vidal
    our price £3.97
  • Cola Bottle

    Cola Bottles 3kg by Barrratt.
    Cola flavour gums 3kg by Barrratt.
    our price £9.89
  • Cola Bottles 1kg

    Cola bottles cola flavour gums 1kg by Sweetzone
    Cola Gums 1kg by Sweetzone

    Regular Price: £3.99

    Special Price: £3.90

  • Fantasy Lizards

    Fantasy Lizards jelly 60 x 10p by Vidal in a tub
    Jelly gummy 60 x 10p by Vidal
    our price £3.97
  • Floral Gums

    Floral Gums small multicoloured scented gum sweets 2.25kg jar
    Small multicoloured scented gum 2.25kg jar by Squirrel
    our price £14.99
  • Fruity Frogs

    Haribo Fruity Frogs fruit flavour sweet foam gums 300 x 2p
    Fruit Sweet Foam Gums 300 x 2p Haribo
    our price £3.99
  • Giant Cola Bottle

    Giant Cola Bottles cola flavour gums  60 x 10p Haribo sweets.
    Giant Cola Gums 60 x 10p Haribo
    our price £3.99
  • Jelly Babies

    Jelly Babies fruit flavour jelly sweets 600 x 1p tub by Haribo
    Fruit Jelly Babies 600 x 1p tub Haribo
    our price £3.99
  • Midget Gems

    Midget Gems Hard Gum sweets 3kg
    Fruit Gums from Taveners 3kg
    our price £9.89
  • Milk Gums (dusted)

    Milk Gums dusted gum milk flavoured sweets by Barratts  2kg box
    Milk gums dusted. 2kg by Barratts
    our price £12.25
  • Milk Teeth

    he Original Milk Teeth, 240 box. strawberry and vanilla flavoured gums by Barratt
    Original Gums 240 box by Barratt
    our price £7.54
  • Mini Frogs

    Mini Frogs Fruit Flavour Gums. 600 x 1p by Sweetzone.
    Gums 600 x 1 by Sweetzone
    our price £3.98
  • Pizza Slices Jelly Filled

    Jelly Filled Pizza's jelly 60 x 10p by Vidal Gluten Free
    Jelly Pizza's 60 x 10p by Vidal
    our price £3.97
  • Psychodelic Mice

    Psychedelic Mice jelly sweets - 120 - Vidal
    Fruit flavoured Jelly 120 per tub
    our price £3.97

Items 1 to 16 of 25 total

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