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Kids Novelty Confectionery: Children and teenagers look out for novelty sweets that are just a bit different and there is always something new coming on the market from far and wide. We stock Popping Candy with and without a lollipop, Toxic Waste in different coloured containers representing different flavours, who would have thought that this could be a novelty sweet name. Liquid sprays are another. We have always had rice paper in our lives from cakes but now this edible paper in being printed in the form of Funny Money and Euros. What you buy and share will sure be a conversation piece. Just take a look at all of these and more, all sorts of weird and wonderful things for you to try. We sell a great deal in this area and kids always want the latest craze!

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  • Bonkers Banana

    Bonkers Banana Spray. Liquid Spray Candy. 9 in box by Rose
    Liquid Spray Candy x 9 by Rose
    our price £6.99
  • Brain Licker Balls

    Brain Licker Balls Sour Liquid  12x 60ml by Freekee.
    Sour Liquid Balls 12 x 60ml
    our price £7.29
  • Brain Lickers

    New Brain Lickers Sour Liquid in a roll on bottle candy 12x 60ml by  Freekee.
    Sour Liquid candy 12x 60ml
    our price £7.29
  • Candy Toilet

    Candy Toilet Strawberry Pop n Sherbet. by Rose 24 in a box
    Lollipop with Sherbet x 24
    our price £8.99
  • Funny Money

    Funny Money Edible rice paper confectionery by Look o look 24 packs in a box
    Edible paper confectionery 24 packs
    our price £10.99
  • Gator Chomp

    Gator Chomp with fruit flavour candy 12 in a box by Kidsmania
    Alligator Winding Sweets x 12
    our price £8.85
  • Grab Pop

    Grab Pop Fruit Flavour Lollipop with Grabber.
    Lolipop x 12 by What Next Candy
    our price £8.49
  • Gummy Hot Dog

    Gummy Hotdog 150 in a box by Rose Confectionary - Shearsweets
    Jelly and foam Hotdog 150 per box
    our price £8.99
  • King Tango Assortment Spray

    King Tango Giant Liquid Candy Spray 12 x 105ml.
    Liquid Candy Spray 12 x 105ml by Rose
    our price £9.49
  • Lickedy Lips

    Lickedy Lips a sour painter rolling candy liquid by Freake 12 in a box
    Sour rolling candy liquid packs 12x60ml by freekee
    our price £7.25
  • Magic Light Pop

    Magic Light Pop from Candy Factory. 12 in a box
    Flashing Lollipops x 12
    our price £8.25
  • Ring Pop

    Ring pop assorted coloured ring sweets 24 x 14g
    Ring pop assorted coloured rings 24x 14g
    our price £6.99

30 Item(s)

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