Kids Confectionery Sour & Fizzy Sweets: The ever popular mouth watering selection. Enjoyed by all. They are increasing in popularity. A display of sour and fizzy jelly, gums, tongues, love hearts, sold in boxes, bags, packets, tubs and weight out bags. Sour and Fizzy gums are firm favourites. Your order will not be complete without some mouth watering tongue tingles.A real display of sour and fizzy jelly and gums and everything in between. All the kids favourites, the ever popular mouthwatering selection. Enjoyed by all.

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  • Fizzy Wine Gummies

    Fizzy Wine gummies sweets Assorted colour gums in a roll by Swizzles Maltow 60 packets
    Fizzy Gums Swizzles Maltow 60 packs
    our price £4.99
  • Love Heart Mini Rolls

    Fruit flavour fizzy sweets by Swizzels Matlow. individually wrapped 3kg
    Fizzy Sweets 3kg by Swizzels Matlow

    Regular Price: £15.95

    Special Price: £14.99

  • Maoam Bloxx Sour

    Sour fruit chewy 40 in a tub by Haibo
    our price £4.50
  • Rainbow Belts

    Rainbow Belts by Vidal 150 individually wrapped in a box
    Rainbow Belts x 150 by Vidal
    our price £5.99
  • Rainbow Sour Tongues

    Rainbow Sour Tongues 160 in a tub by Fini. Fruit flavoured candy
    Fruit flavour candy 160 tub by Fini
    our price £5.99
  • Refreshers

    Refreshers - Hard tablet formed fruit flavour fizzy sweets.
    Fizzy Sherbet sweets 48 packets
    our price £12.49
  • Sour Cherries

    Haribo Sour Cherries 120 x 5p by Haribo
    Haribo Sour Cherries 120 x 5p
    our price £3.99
  • Sour Rainbow XXL

    Sour Rainbow XXL Pencil Sweets by Vidal.2kg
    Sour Pencils by Vidal 2kg
    our price £7.65

13 Item(s)

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