Christmas Sweets

Christmas Sweets: Selection of Christmas sweets Including Chocolate Brazils, Candy Sticks, Chocolate Raisins, Chocolate Money and many more. With Christmas on its way why not plan ahead with your Christmas Sweets, that will be one job crossed off your Christmas to do list.. We have a huge range of sweets to help you along the way. Well where do you start, we have put together sweets from across our wholesale sweets range that might serve as suitable Christmas presents, such as a jar of Cadburys Chocolate Éclairs or a Jar of Floral Gums. Maybe consider these for the person who has everything or difficult to buy for? they are always popular gifts. Chocolates for the people you love are always welcome. What about the family gatherings for Christmas and the New Year, selections of toffees, boiled sweets, gums and chocolates will go down well. We also have in our selection Christmas milk chocolate balls and Tree decorations.

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  • Bonbons Toffee

    Bonbons Traditional sherbet covered Toffee flavour sweet suitable for vegetarians 3kg by Bristows.
    Dusted Toffee flavoured 3kg
    our price £11.99
  • Cherry Lips

    Cherry Lips  gummy sweets 2.25kg jar by Squirrel
    Scented Gum 2.25kg by Squirrel

    Regular Price: £15.25

    Special Price: £14.99

  • Chewing Nuts

    Chewing Nuts 3kg Chewy Toffee in a Chocolate Flavoured Coating by Big Bear Confectionery.
    Chewy Toffee Chocolate 3kg
    our price £14.99
  • Chocolate Caramels

    Chocolate caramels Milk chocolate with a soft caramel centre 1.5kg jar by Jameson's
    Milk chocolate with a soft caramel centre 1.5kg

    Regular Price: £12.30

    Special Price: £11.99

  • Chocolate Eclairs

    Chocolate Eclairs toffee sweet with a Chocolate centre x 1.5kg Jar by Taverners
    Chocolate Eclairs 1.5kg Jar
    our price £10.99
  • Chocolate Fruits

    Choc Fruits Wrapped Boiled Sweets with a Chocolate filling 3kg
    Fruit Flavour with Choc Flling 3kg by Tilleys
    our price £12.49
  • Chocolate Peanuts

    Chocolate Peanuts by Carol Ann 3kg
    Milk chocolate coated Peanuts 3kg by Carol Ann
    our price £14.49
  • Christmas Tree Decorations

     candy canes with Jelly Characters 16
    Candy Sticks with Characters x 16

    Regular Price: £4.99

    Special Price: £4.49

  • Coconut Mushrooms

    Coconut mushrooms sweets 3kg Taveners
    Coconut Sweets 3kg by Taveners

    Regular Price: £13.85

    Special Price: £13.25

  • Coconut Toasties

    Coconut Toasties 2.5 kg Jar by Brays
    Coconut Sweets 2.5k Jar by Brays
    our price £13.99
  • Crispets

    Bray's Crispets 2kg Jar of chocolate Pieces of moorish chocolate infused with coconut
    Chocolate Biscuit 2kg by Brays
    our price £14.75
  • Dark Chocolate Brazils

    Dark Chocolate Brazils by Carol Ann 3kg
    Plain Chocolate coated Brazil Nuts 3kg
    our price £21.99

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