Easter Sweets: Easter is on its way and at Shearsweets its an eggciting time for us chocolate lovers! This year our Easter chocolate treats have sold out early. We would normally have chocolate discs, hollow eggs, filled eggs and jelly eggs. But atlas, trying you get something for you at a good price is proving difficult as its so close! ( note to self, must order treble the amount for next year!!!) Is there anybody in your family that likes eggs but not of the chocolate kind? have a look at the fried egg jellies there already cracked and ready to eat, they come in tubs as well as 3kg pick and mix bags so who needs a basket?? Stock up on your Easter treats at Shearsweets your number one wholesale sweet supplier.

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  • Action Roller

    Action Roller to play and collect, filled with fruit stars.
    Fruit Stars & Toy 18 in a box.
    our price £9.99
  • Frozen Super Surprise

    Disney Frozen Super Surprise,candy, toy and stickers. 18 in a box
    Candy, Toy, Stickers in Egg x 18

    Regular Price: £10.85

    Special Price: £9.99

  • Giant Fried Eggs

    Giant eggs gummy jellies by Vidal 60 x 10p tub
    Giant Eggs 60 x 10p tub by Vidal
    our price £3.97
  • Haribo Fried Eggs

    Haribo Fried Eggs, fruit flavour gums no artificial colours 3 kg by Haribo.
    Fried Eggs 3kg gums by Haribo
    our price £10.79

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