Halloween & Guy Fawkes Sweets

Halloween Sweets: Its spooky time coming up and trick and treat is defiantly on the increase, so make sure you are prepared. Young children are now joining in the fun dressing up with parents on tow visiting the neighbours. With regards to Bonfire Night, we can certainly have some fun here! we have blast off! Several of our sweets can come into the Halloween and Guy Fawkes category mainly from our Kids Confectionery page so we at Shearsweets have put some sweets together that are popular all year round but have pulled together to help you choose more easily that may help you enjoy your evening. We stock more than 1000 wholesale sweets and chocolate. Incorporating Seaside Rock, Halal Approved products, sweets that are Suitable for Vegetarians. We also sell Gluten Free. This just takes the guess work out of choosing.

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  • Atomic Fire Blast

    Hot hard candy flavoured sweets 24 in a pack.
    Hot Candy Sweets 24 boxes in a pack
    our price £5.39
  • Brain Lickers

    New Brain Lickers Sour Liquid in a roll on bottle candy 12x 60ml by  Freekee.
    Sour Liquid candy 12x 60ml
    our price £7.29
  • Fantasy Lizards

    Fantasy Lizards jelly 60 x 10p by Vidal in a tub
    Jelly gummy 60 x 10p by Vidal
    our price £3.97
  • Fruity Frogs

    Haribo Fruity Frogs fruit flavour sweet foam gums 300 x 2p
    Fruit Sweet Foam Gums 300 x 2p Haribo
    our price £3.99
  • Lucky Bones

    Lucky Bones gummy sweets 600 per tub by Alma.
    Red & White Jellies 600 x 1p tub by Alma
    our price £3.99
  • Mini Frogs

    Mini Frogs Fruit Flavour Gums. 600 x 1p by Sweetzone.
    Gums 600 x 1 by Sweetzone
    our price £3.98
  • Slimey Snakes

    Slimey Snakes by Alma 120 @ 5p Halal approved.
    Jelly Gums 120 x 5p by Alma
    our price £3.99
  • Snails Jelly Filled

    Snails with Jelly filling gluten free 120 per tub by Vidal
    Snails with Jelly filling 120 per tub
    our price £3.97
  • Sour Snakes

    Sour Snakes fruit flavour gums. 120 x 5p by Sweetzone
    Sour Gums120 x 5p by Sweetzone
    our price £3.98
  • Terrific Turtles

    Terrific Turtles shaped jelly and foam gums 300 x 5p by Haribo
    Jelly and Foam 300 x 5p tub Haribo
    our price £3.99
  • Toxic Waste Green

    Toxic Waste Green
    Sour candy drum 12 pack by Candy Dynamics
    our price £8.49
  • Toxic Waste Red

    Toxic Waste Red 5 sour flavours in a tub - 12 in a box
    5 new ultra sour flavours, 12 pack.
    our price £8.49

15 Item(s)

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