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Wedding Sweets: We at Shearsweets have put together a selection of our sweets that we felt you may wish to have on the tables at your wedding or in your favour boxes. Wedding Buffet's are becoming more and more popular, at first the idea was that it was a treat for the children but we all dissolve into children when presented with such delights. Its so hard to resist! Have you thought about breaking away from the normal wedding favour sweets and giving your guests a retro surprise? call us if you would like some assistance in putting a selection together based on your theme. Cinderella was taken to the ball in a carriage pulled by mice how fantastic is that! She found her Prince and so have you, so make your personalities shine through by adding those special touches. All this is available at wholesale prices and can be delivered directly to you or another location. Great when you want to cut down on time. Shearsweets wishes you all the best!.

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  • Edinburgh Rock

    Edinburgh Rock, this is a soft and and crumbly fruit flavour boiled sweet 2 kg jar by Gibbs.
    Soft and crumbly 2kg Jar by Gibbs
    our price £15.55
  • Giant Love Hearts

    Giant Love Hearts fruit flavour fizzy sweets 24 packs by Swizzles Maltow
    Fruit flavour fizzy sweets, 24 packs
    our price £4.99
  • Haribo Heart Throbs

    Haribo Sweets Heart Throbs, red and white fruit flavour sweet foam gums  3kg
    Fruity sweet gum foam 3kg by Haribo
    our price £10.79
  • Heart Lolly

    Heart Lolly wrapped 100 x 10p
    Heart Lolly wrapped 100 x 10p
    our price £7.25
  • Heart Throbs

    Haribo heart throbs, red and white fruit flavour sweet foam gums  300 per tub
    Fruity sweet gum foam 300 x 2p Haribo
    our price £3.99
  • Peach Hearts

    Peach Hearts sweets by Vidal 120 x 5p 780 grams Gluten free
    Jellies 120 x 5p by Vidal
    our price £3.97
  • Pink & White Mice

    Pink & White Mice Strawberry and cream flavoured choc candy sweet 120 per tub by Alma
    Strawberry & Cream choc mice 120 x 5p tub
    our price £3.96
  • Twist Kisses

    trawberry & Vanilla Twist  Kisses, 3kg Vidal
    Red & White gummy jellies 3kg by Vidal
    our price £9.96

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