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Pick and Mix Jellies and Gums: Jelly and Gum sweets come in lots of shapes, Teddy Bears,Cherries etc. Gums come in lots of different shapes and sizes, Cola Bottle, Pint Pots, Wine gums, Midget Gems, Fried Eggs to name a few, gums have a firmer texture than jellies. Gummi Candy Gummi Sweets, Gummy Candy, Gummy sweets, Gummies or Jelly sweets all describe Gums. These are mainly made with Gelatine from various sources, this gives the chewiness to the sweet. We sell the best quality gums at affordable prices. We stock Haribo, Taveners, Barratts and Lion in our Bulk sweets range. We have a huge choice ideal for your pick and mix stands at affordable prices. Try some for yourself! .

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  • American Hard Gums

    American Hard Gums - 3kg | Taverners

    Hard Gums chewy jelly 3kg.

    our price £9.89
  • Baby Dolphins 3kg

    Baby Dolphins 3kg by Vidal
    Mini soft jelly shapes 3kg
    our price £9.96
  • Blue Dolphins

    Blue Raspberry Dolphins 3kg | Vidal
    Soft jelly shapes 3kg
    our price £9.96
  • Cola Bottle

    Cola Bottles 3kg by Barrratt.
    Cola flavour gums 3kg by Barrratt.
    our price £9.89
  • Dew Drops

    Dew drops by Barratt. 3kg
    Fruit flavour jelly 3kg by Barratt
    our price £9.89
  • Fruit Jellies

    Fruit jellies by Taveners 3kg
    Sugar covered fruit shapes by Taverners 3kg
    our price £9.89
  • Haribo Fried Eggs

    Haribo Fried Eggs, fruit flavour gums no artificial colours 3 kg by Haribo.
    Fried Eggs 3kg gums by Haribo
    our price £10.79
  • Haribo Giant Cola Bottle

    Haribo Giant Cola Bottles flavour gum sweets 3kg
    Giant Cola Gums 3kg Haribo
    our price £10.79
  • Haribo Yellow Bellies

    Yellow Bellies fruit flavour and sweet foam gums by Haribo 3kg
    Fruit Flavour foam gums 3kg by Haribo
    our price £10.79
  • Jelly Babies

    Jelly Babies baby shaped dusted jelly 3kg
    our price £9.89
  • Jelly Buttons

    Jelly Buttons sweets - 3kg - Barratt
    Jelly aniseed with pink or blue balls 3Kg by Barratt
    our price £9.99
  • Jollytime Jelly Beans

    Jollytime Jelly Beans
    Assorted Jelly Beans by Jelly Bean Factory
    our price £17.99
  • Strawberry Milk Shake Bottles

    Strawberry Milk Bottles Pink and White Jelly 3kg by Vidal
    Milk Bottles Pink and White Jelly 3kg by Vidal
    our price £9.96
  • Twist Kisses

    trawberry & Vanilla Twist  Kisses, 3kg Vidal
    Red & White gummy jellies 3kg by Vidal
    our price £9.96
  • Watermelon Slices

    Watermelon slices jelly by vidal 3kg
    Watermelon slices 3kg by Vidal
    our price £9.96
  • Wine Gums

    Wine Gums - 3kg Taverners
    Natural colours and flavours 3kg by Taverners
    our price £9.89

28 Item(s)

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