Pick and Mix Old Fashioned and Traditional Sweets: We have created traditional/old fashioned sweets that are 3kg bulk bags for sweets like Dolly mixtures purely down to the fact that they mainly combination sweets. Wonderful tastes and textures. The name old fashioned or traditional sweets hails way back to the 17th century but in Modern day these were created in the 20th century. Sugared Almond is a classic example and always were a traditional wedding sweet. These days in our experience Brides and Grooms now colour coordinate there sweets and generally choose favourites from their childhood.

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  • Aniseed Balls

    Aniseed Balls 3kg weightout bag by Walkers
    Aniseed balls 3kg by Walkers
    our price £12.50
  • Dolly Mixtures

    Dolly Mixtures assortment of pastel coloured candy sweets by Barratt 3Kg
    Pastel coloured shaped candy by Barratt 3Kg
    our price £9.89
  • Sugar Almonds

    Sugar Almonds covered in hard sugar coating 4 colours 3kg
    Almond in Sugar coating 3kg by Glisten
    our price £17.99

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