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Retro Sweets:. We felt that this category is a must as it holds all the old favourites together. This is the area to reminisce, its like they say, music brings back memories, photos bring back memories and the Retro Sweets in this area do the same thing and start the conversation going. " I remember these, I used to have these as a child" "I didn't know they were still available" Well feast your eyes on this lot because we aim to give you a fantastic selection of Traditional Sweets. Remember Sherbet Fountains, Dip Dabs, Flumps, Fruit Salads and Black Jacks? Take your taste buds back in time with Barratt, Most of the Barratt range is having a makeover with its manufacturer Tangerine changing its name to Candyland, the sweets are the same so don't overlooks them. This selection is the one-stop sweet shop for kids and adults of all ages. Alongside family favourites and mouth-watering memory filled treats, you’ll find a bright new range of fresh flavours all colourfully packaged to appeal to the young and young at heart.

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  • All Day Breakfast Rock

    Rock All Day Breakfast 24 in a box
    Rock Shapes 24 in a box by Rainbow Candies
    our price £29.00
  • Anglo Bubbly

    Anglo Bubbly bubble Gum 240 wrapped gum in a box by Barratts
    Bubblegum 240 pieces in a box by Anglo
    our price £7.99
  • Army & Navy Drops

    Army & Navy Drops herbal flavour boiled sweets 3.17kg Jar by Tilley's.
    Herbal Boiled Sweets 3.17kg by Tilley's
    our price £13.50
  • Barley Sugar

    Barley Sugar flavoured wrapped boiled sweet 3kg Tilley's
    Barley Sugar flavoured boiled sweet 3kg by Tilley's
    our price £12.49
  • Chamallows Bags

    Haribo Chamallows Pink & White, 12 x 150 grams bags
    Pink & White Mallows Haribo 12 x 150g
    our price £8.99
  • Choc Limes

    Choc Limes boiled wrapped sweet with chocolate centre 3kg by Tilley's
    Boiled sweet with chocolate centre 3kg by Tilley's
    our price £12.49
  • Choco Bananas

    Choco Bananas coated jelly, 120's by Vidal
    Choco Bananas 120 x 10p by Vidal
    our price £8.30
  • Chocolate Bananas

    Banana flavoured marshmallow covered with Chocolate  30 in a box
    Choc Mallow 30 in a box by Carletti
    our price £6.49
  • Coconut Ice Bar

    Coconut Ice Bar sweet by Candy bros 24 bars @ 130g
    Coconut Ice by Candy bros 24 bars @ 130g
    our price £16.99
  • Coconut Mushrooms

    Coconut mushrooms sweets 3kg Taveners
    Coconut Sweets 3kg by Taveners

    Regular Price: £13.85

    Special Price: £13.25

  • Cough Candy

    Cough Candy wrapped herbal flavour boiled sweet 3kg Tilley's.
    Cough Candy, Herbal Flavoured Sweet 3kg by Tilley's
    our price £12.49
  • Dib Dabs

    White lemon flavour sherbet dip with strawberry lollipop
    White Sherbet by Barratts 50 packets
    our price £13.59

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