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Retro Sweets Candy: This candy section of Retro Sweets gives us so much in the retro sweet range, Think Candy Sticks in Bags, old style cigarette packets all with the theme, Superman, Spider man, the incredible Hulk, The super hero Avengers. Candy Necklaces, Candy Watches, Love Hearts, Parma Violets and what about Candy Floss, Candy Whistles and Love Heart Lipstick. There certainly is a lot of candy products that can be classed and Retro Sweets. They an be made to be Chalky crumbly sweets, Sugar paste sweets which have a softer chewy consistency or Fizzy hard candy like Giant Love Hearts. The term Candy sweets is used more often with candy being imported from all over the world. It can relate to hard candy and soft. Who remembers Rainbow Drops? love them! Whatever your taste there will be a type for you to enjoy.These are real favorites and very popular with all

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  • Candy Sticks Superman

    Superman Candy Sticks by World  48 x 20p packets in a box
    Candy Sticks by World 48 in a box.
    our price £5.85
  • Fizz Wiz Cherry

    Fizz Wiz popping action candy cherry flavour x 50 packet.
    Popping Candy 50 pack by Zeta

    Regular Price: £7.20

    Special Price: £6.99

  • Fizz Wiz Strawberry

    Fizz Wiz popping candy strawberry flavour by Zeta 50 per pack
    Super load popping candy 50 per pack

    Regular Price: £7.20

    Special Price: £6.99

  • Giant Love Hearts

    Giant Love Hearts fruit flavour fizzy sweets 24 packs by Swizzles Maltow
    Fruit flavour fizzy sweets, 24 packs
    our price £4.99
  • Rainbow Drops

    Rainbow Drops Sugar coated puffed maize and rice  by Swizzels matlow 60 in a box
    Sugar coated puffed maize and rice. 60 bags

    Regular Price: £5.30

    Special Price: £4.99

  • Whistles

    candy whistles 60 in a tub
    Candy 60 tub by Swizzell
    our price £5.99

14 Item(s)

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