Retro Sweets Chews: Chew Bars and Chew Packets which are called Stick Packs like Black Jacks and Fruit Salad or Wham bars and Drumsticks. Real Retro Sweets. Refresher Chew bars with the fizzy filling. Most in this area are individually wrapped. Favourites for School Tuck Shops, Colleges and University Events Children's Clubs or Summer Clubs and as they are wrapped they can be handed out at events, children's parties, any gathering. Full of yummy chews a selection of chewy bars and sweets for all the family not just for children, some real favourites here.

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  • Fruit Salad

    Fruit Salad chew sweets by Barratt 400 in a box
    Fruit Salad chew by Barratt 400 in a box
    our price £6.99
  • Milk Chews

    Smiths Milk Chews stick pack 20 packs in a box
    Milk Chews 20 packets in a box

    Regular Price: £6.79

    Special Price: £6.55

  • Refresher Stick Pack

    Refresher Stick Pack
    Stick pack soft chew with a refreshing centre 36's by Swizzles
    our price £7.59
  • Sour Apple Refresher Chew Bar

    Sour Apple Refrsher Chew Bar Sweets x 60 in a box by Swizzels
    Sour Chew Bar 60 bars by Swizzel Matlow
    our price £4.99
  • Vimto Chew Bar

    Vimto Chew bar is a grape blackcurrant and raspberry chew. Suitable for vegetarians. 60 bars by Swizzel matlow.
    Chew Bar 60 x 10p pack by Swizzel Matlow
    our price £4.99

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