Retro Sweets Chocolate: Chocolate definitely appeals to the older and younger audience. Chocolate or chocolate flavoured candy Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Cream Chocolate, Pink Chocolate and Strawberry Flavoured Chocolate. Chocolate flavoured with toppings. A very popular choice as it can be moulded in different shapes. Our Retro selection of chocolate and chocolate flavoured candy. Remember Chocolate Tools or White Mice or Chocolate Buttons? What about Fish and Chips.. A great selection for kids and adults alike. Chocolate flavoured candy in this section is made by Hannah's in Scotland and comes under the Alma label which makes this a British sweet. Other chocolate sweets are in the form of solid chocolate pieces wrapped in foil like chocolate footballs. Chocolate Money. This selection is a good range of Retro Chocolate Sweets. Chocolate in a variety of ways some items are covered in chocolate others are chocolate or chocolate flavour candy. You cannot look at this lot and not be tempted, this section has a good range of Retro Chocolate Sweets.

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  • Chewing Nuts

    Chewing Nuts 3kg Chewy Toffee in a Chocolate Flavoured Coating by Big Bear Confectionery.
    Chewy Toffee Chocolate 3kg
    our price £14.99
  • Choco Bananas

    Choco Bananas
    Choco Bananas 120 x 10p by Vidal
    our price £8.30
  • Chocolate Caramels

    Chocolate Caramels
    Milk chocolate with a soft caramel centre 1.5kg

    Regular Price: £12.30

    Special Price: £11.99

  • Chocolate Honeycomb

    Toffee honeycombe with chocolate flavour coating by Shoebury Confectionery 14 x 180g bags
    Choc honeycomb 14 x 180g bags by Shoebury
    our price £15.99
  • Speckled Eggs

    Chocolate Flavour Standard Speckled Egg 3kg by Walkers
    Milk Chocolate eggs 3kg by Walkers
    our price £15.99
  • White Choc Jazzles

    White chocolate candy sweet with non pareil topping packets of 24
    White chocolate candy 24 packets by Alma
    our price £5.55

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