Retro Coconut Sweets

Retro Sweets Coconut: Could not be complete without Coconut Mushrooms and Raspberry Ruffles. Pure Retro! You have got to agree on this one. If you are going Retro make sure you always have these products as they sell very well and a add a certain something to your overall selection. Other Coconut sweets are Coconut Rolls and Coconut Logs. Coconut candy or sweets refer to various sweets made with coconut or coconut flavourings. Usually with liquorice or fondant paste. Grated coconut is often used in various chocolate confections. Retro sweets are always a favourite.

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  • Coconut Ice Bar

    Coconut Ice Bar sweet by Candy bros 24 bars @ 130g
    Coconut Ice by Candy bros 24 bars @ 130g
    our price £16.99
  • Coconut Mushrooms

    Coconut mushrooms sweets 3kg Taveners
    Coconut Sweets 3kg by Taveners

    Regular Price: £13.85

    Special Price: £13.25

  • Raspberry Ruffles

    Milk Chocolate Sweets with Raspberry Coconut centre 1.5kg Jar
    Milk choc with a raspberry coconut centre 1.5kg jar

    Regular Price: £12.30

    Special Price: £11.99

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