Retro Liquorice Sweets

Retro Sweets Liquorice: Liquorice Sweets ready for your to pick your favourites. We sell a mixture of hard & soft liquorice a very popular choice. Liquorice is a sweet that is manufactured into shapes like Cuttings or Pontefract cakes or used in Liquorice Allsorts, Torpedoes or Liquorice Comfits. We sell boxes of Old fashioned Liquorice remember these Liquorice sticks shaped like a baton, Catherine wheels, Liquorice Wands and what about Cream Rock, Liquorice Allsorts or Jelly Buttons. Jelly Buttons are sometimes referred to as Jelly Sprogs but whatever we might call them they are the Pink and Blue Jelly Button sweets that you get in Liquorice Allsorts, now you can buy just these in 3 kg bags! Very Retro. There are so many different types sold world wide, some are salty some from liquorice extract or the root of the liquorice plant or aniseed.

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  • Catherine Wheels

    Catherine Wheels liquorice sweets  75 box by Barratt
    Catherine Wheels.75 in box by Barratt
    our price £13.59

    Out of stock

  • Hard Liquorice Sticks

    Hard Liquorice Sticks 75 by Barratt .
    Liquorice Sticks 75 a Box
    our price £11.60

    Out of stock

  • Jelly Buttons

    Jelly Buttons sweets - 3kg - Barratt
    Jelly aniseed with pink or blue balls 3Kg by Barratt
    our price £10.99

    Out of stock

  • Lions Liquorice Gums

    Lions Liquorice Gums
    Liquorice Gums 2kg
    our price £14.49
  • Liquorice Allsorts

    Liquorice Allsorts. Assorted liquorice and coconut sweets and round jelly buttons. 3kg
    All your favourite shapes 3kg by Taveners
    our price £10.89

    Out of stock

  • Liquorice Comfits

    Liquorice Comforts candy shell with liquorice centre sweets 3kg Taveners
    Candy Shell liquorice 3kg Taveners
    our price £10.89
  • Liquorice Flyers

    Liquorice flyers Liquorice with crystal centre sweets
    Liquorice with crystal centres 60 per pack
    our price £6.28

    Out of stock

  • Liquorice Torpedoes

    Liquorice Torpedoe sweets - 3kg - Taverners
    Hard candy shell with a liquorice centre 3kg Taverners
    our price £10.89
  • Liquorice Wands

    Liquorice Wands - 75 x 16g by Barratt
    Sticks with sprinkles 75 x 16g by Barratt
    our price £13.49

    Out of stock

  • Pontefract Cakes

    Pontefract Cakes Round discs of liquorice and aniseed flavour gum sweets by Taverners 3kg.
    Round discs of liquorice, 3kg by Taverners
    our price £10.89

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