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Retro Sweets Sherbet: All your favourite Retro Sherbet. Retro Sherbet sweets, now let me think, Sherbet Fountains, Sherbet Dips, Love heart Dips, Sherbet Lemons and Sherbet Pips, that's what pops into my mind. Sherbet is a fizzy powder, was in the past usually eaten by dipping a lollipop or liquorice, or licking it on a finger. Sherbet fountains liquorice stick has now been replaced with a plastic top that screws off, no so mucky and ok so its been modernised but its still retro. Dib Dabs, Double Dips and Love Heart Dips all have a flavoured Lollipop in the packet. Sherbet Powder or Sherbet Crystals that is the question. Well no more. Have we not mentioned Flying saucers yet or UFO's. Kali which originated from the North of England is a crystal sherbet. Well there is a choice, how do you like yours? You would be sure to sell these as everybody is drawn to them.

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  • Dib Dabs

    White lemon flavour sherbet dip with strawberry lollipop
    White Sherbet by Barratts 50 packets
    our price £13.59
  • Flying Saucers Large

    500 pieces of pastel colour space ship shape edible paper with a sherbet filling by Frisa  UFO's
    Spaceship with a sherbet filling 500 pack
    our price £10.29
  • Mega Rainbow Dust

    Mega Rainbow Dust sherbet crystals in a long straw 60 packs in a box Swizzles Matlow
    Straws with Sherbet Crystals. 60 pack

    Regular Price: £5.49

    Special Price: £4.99

  • Sherbet Fountain

    Sherbet Fountain tubes sherbet with liquorice dip stick x 48 packets by Barratt.
    Sherbet with liquorice stick x 48 packets
    our price £12.35
  • Sherbet Fruits

    Sherbet Fruits, fizzy fruit flavoured boiled wrapped sweet with a sherbet centre
    Fizzy wrapped Sweet 3kg by Tilley's
    our price £12.49

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