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Sweet Jars: Our Jars hold a variety of different confectionery all with delicious textures and flavours. The jars are standard rigid cylindrical containers with a wide mouth and are made of plastic with a screw cap. Jars can be recycled and re-used by refilling with 3kg weightout bags. Back in the day these were made of Glass and there are some Sweets jars that are obtainable mainly Victorian in style, but in this modern day Plastic is regarded as a lighter and safer option and probably cheaper to manufacture. There is nothing better to see than a row of Jars all lined up on shelves it looks brilliant. Full of a variety of Sweets, Toffee, Boiled Sweets, Chews, Chocolate, Nut Brittle etc. A feeling of days gone by and a real feast for the eyes. There is no doubt about it Jars of sweets entice customers to buy.

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  • Bonbons Lemon

    Bonbons traditional lightly dusted Lemon flavour sweet by Bristow's 3kg Jar
    Bonbons Sherbet covered 3kg Jar by Bristows
    our price £13.99
  • Bonbons Strawberry

    Bonbons Sherbet Strawberry Sweet 3kg Jar
    Traditional Bonbon 3kg Jar
    our price £13.99
  • Bonbons Toffee

    Toffee Bonbons 3kg Jar by Bristows
    Dusted Toffee flavoured 3kg Jar
    our price £13.99
  • Cherry Lips

    Cherry Lips  gummy sweets 2.25kg jar by Squirrel
    Scented Gum 2.25kg by Squirrel

    Regular Price: £15.25

    Special Price: £14.99

  • Chocolate Caramels

    Chocolate caramels Milk chocolate with a soft caramel centre 1.5kg jar by Jameson's
    Milk chocolate with a soft caramel centre 1.5kg

    Regular Price: £12.30

    Special Price: £11.99

  • Chocolate Eclairs

    Chocolate Eclairs toffee sweet with a Chocolate centre x 1.5kg Jar by Taverners
    Chocolate Eclairs 1.5kg Jar
    our price £10.99
  • Coconut Toasties

    Coconut Toasties 2.5 kg Jar by Brays
    Coconut Sweets 2.5k Jar by Brays
    our price £13.99
  • Crispets

    Bray's Crispets 2kg Jar of chocolate Pieces of moorish chocolate infused with coconut
    Chocolate Biscuit 2kg by Brays
    our price £14.75
  • Edinburgh Rock

    Edinburgh Rock, this is a soft and and crumbly fruit flavour boiled sweet 2 kg jar by Gibbs.
    Soft and crumbly 2kg Jar by Gibbs
    our price £15.55
  • Extra Strong Menthol & Eucalyptus

    xtra Strong Menthol & Eucalyptus 2.72kg by Brays
    Extra Strong 2.72kg by Brays (Black)

    Regular Price: £15.95

    Special Price: £15.49

  • Fizzy Fish

    Fizzy Fish 2.75kg Jar Hard Boiled sweets with a zingy powder finish by Brays
    Fizzy Boiled Sweet 2.75kg by Brays
    our price £13.99
  • Floral Gums

    Floral Gums small multicoloured scented gum sweets 2.25kg jar
    Small multicoloured scented gum 2.25kg jar by Squirrel
    our price £14.99
  • Ginger Creams

    Ginger Creams 2kg jar by Gibbs
    Fondant with hard shell 2kg Jar by Gibbs
    our price £15.55
  • Humbugs Black & White

    Mint Humbugs. Black & White peppermints with a caramel toffee centre. By Brays 3kg Jar.
    Peppermint toffee centre by Brays 3kg Jar
    our price £13.99
  • Millions Cola

    Millions Cola Tiny chewy sweets  Cola flavour 2.27kg jar by Golden Casket
    Chewy sweets ,Cola flavour 2.27kg jar by Golden casket
    our price £15.59
  • Millions Raspberry

    Millions Tiny chewy sweets Raspberry flavour 2.27k jar
    Chewy Sweets Raspberry flavour 2.27k Jr by Golden Casket
    our price £15.59

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