Bonbons Sweets Jars

Jars Bonbons: Bonbon Sweets come in 3kg Jars, they are a traditional British sweet. There are two types, Traditional hard toffee centred with the lightly dusting of sherbet, we stock Bristows who are British sweet makers. Their traditional Bonbons are suitable for vegetarians. Chewy Bonbons are exactly that, a chewy toffee sweet without the dusting. Gelatine gives it the chewiness. The name bonbon or bon bons originates from the German language meaning candy sweets and are reported to hail from the 17th century. French for good is Bon so Bon Bons are Good Good.! ( simple but so true ). Our Bonbon makers are Bristow's who are based in Devon making these a truly British UK sweet. Bonbons are a good traditional british sweet, soft and chewy or hard centered the choice is yours. We also sell Vimto Chewy Bonbon again Manufactured in UK the weigh on these is 2.1kg

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