Old Fashioned Sweets Jars

Jars Traditional and Old Fashioned Sweets: We have created traditional/old fashioned sweets that are sold in sweet jar. For sweets like Humbugs or Sweet Peanuts, Fudge and Rock purely down to the fact that they mainly combination sweets and don't always fit well in other categories. Wonderful tastes and textures. Yummy Yummy! The name old fashioned or traditional sweets hails way back to the 17th century. Sugared Almond is a classic example and always were a traditional wedding sweet. These days in our experience Brides and Grooms now colour coordinate their sweets and generally choose favourites from their childhood. Take a peak at our display of traditional sweets in Jars, lots of flavours and textures.

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  • Athole Scottish Tablet

    Handmade Scottish Tablet 2.268kg Jar Athole Tablet.
    Fudge 2.268kg Jar by Athole Tablet
    our price £16.99
  • Coconut Toasties

    Coconut Toasties 2.5 kg Jar by Brays
    Coconut Sweets 2.5k Jar by Brays
    our price £13.99
  • Edinburgh Rock

    Edinburgh Rock, this is a soft and and crumbly fruit flavour boiled sweet 2 kg jar by Gibbs.
    Soft and crumbly 2kg Jar by Gibbs
    our price £15.55
  • Ginger Creams

    Ginger Creams 2kg jar by Gibbs
    Fondant with hard shell 2kg Jar by Gibbs
    our price £15.55
  • Iced Caramels

    The Original Iced Caramels by Cleeves. 2kg Jar
    Caramels 2kg Jar by Cleeves
    our price £15.99

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