Sour & Fizzy Tubs

Tubs Sour and Fizzy: The ever popular mouth watering selection. Enjoyed by all. This is a very busy selection of sweets that don't stay on our shelves for long. They are increasing in popularity. We have Fizzy Blue Bottles, Fizzy Cola Bottles,&nbsp; Sour Cherries,&nbsp; Fizzy Cherry Cola plus tons more. Our Main suppliers are Haribo, Sweet Zone, Fini, Vidal, and Alma. A display of sour and fizzy jelly and gums sold in tubs for your convenience. Just the size you need without going over the top. Buying tubs gives an abundant of choice in colour, flavour, size and shape.  Sour and Fizzy gums are firm favourites. Your order will not be complete without some mouth watering tongue tingles.</p> A display of sour and Fizzy Jelly,  Gums, Pencils and Belts  all sold in tubs.  Enjoyed by all.

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  • Maoam Bloxx Sour

    Sour fruit chewy 40 in a tub by Haibo
    our price £4.50
  • Pencils Fizzy Rainbow

    Fizzy Rainbow Pencils Sweets with white fondant filling 100 x 10p
    Fondant Filled Pencils 100 per tub
    our price £6.30
  • Sour Bears

    Sour Bears Fruit Flavour Gums. 600 x 1 by Sweetzone
    Fruit Flavour Gums 600 x 1p by Sweetzone
    our price £3.98
  • Sour Cherries

    Haribo Sour Cherries 120 x 5p by Haribo
    Haribo Sour Cherries 120 x 5p
    our price £3.99

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