Vegetarian Sweets

Vegetarian Sweets:: With an increasing amount of enquiries and requests for Vegetarian Sweets we have put them altogether in this section you save you time. These maybe for your shop, self our as a gift for a vegetarian. The products all have "suitable for vegetarians" on the packaging or have been confirmed by the manufacture. We do place this information on the description page of the particular sweet. We are adding more information regarding ingredients to the individual sweet pages and will place them in this section as they become available. In Tubs, Haribo offer several Vegetarian Sweets. Like Giant Strawbs, Jelly Beans and Rotella. Bristow's have a seletion of sweet jars such as toffees and fudges as well as Bonbons Choose the Traditional type from Bristow's as these suitable for vegetarians. Walkers Toffee and Éclairs a great British Sweet. Taverners Bonbons are also suitable for vegetarians.

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  • White Mice Bar

    80 White Mice Bars in packets tub by Hannah
    White chocolate candy 80 in a box
    our price £6.30
  • White Mice

    White mice chocolate flavour candy 120 @ 5p by Alma
    White choc 120 x 5p tub by Alma
    our price £3.96
  • Vimto Fizzy Rippa

    Vimto Fizzy Rippa Vimto Candy Belt sweets
    Candy Belt x 36 by Vimto
    our price £10.99
  • Vimto Chewy Bonbons

    Bonbon Vimto Jar 2.1kg
    Bonbon 2.1kg Jar by Vimto

    Regular Price: £13.99

    Special Price: £12.49

  • Rotella

    Haribo Rotella fruit flavour gums sweets 60 in a tub
    Haribo Fruit Gums 120 x 5p tub
    our price £3.99
  • Rainbow Twist

    Rainbow Twist gum sweets in a tub  x 64 by Haribo
    Fruit flavour gum by Haribo 64 per tub

    Regular Price: £4.20

    Special Price: £3.99

  • Rainbow Pencils

    Rainbow Pencils by SweetZone Halal approved. Contains natural colours 600 x 1p
    Fruit Gums 600 x 1p by Sweetszone
    our price £3.98
  • Rainbow Drops

    Rainbow Drops Sugar coated puffed maize and rice  by Swizzels matlow 60 in a box
    Sugar coated puffed maize and rice. 60 bags

    Regular Price: £5.30

    Special Price: £4.99

Items 1 to 16 of 57 total

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