Vegetarian Gums & Jelly Sweets

Vegetarian Jellies and Gums: Jelly and Gum sweets come in lots of shapes and sizes, Freaky Fish, Jelly Hearts, Giant Strawbs, American Hard Gums, Fruit Jellies and Jelly Beans to name a few. All of these lovely lot are suitable for vegetarians!, Those manufacturers that make the effort with individuals dietary requirements have got to be congratulated. the main manufactures we have in this section are Haribo and Taverners. Gums have a firmer texture than Jellies. Some Starch based and some gelatine based. Gummi Candy Gummi Sweets, Gummies or Jelly sweets all describe Gums. We sell the best quality gums at affordable prices. We stock Haribo, Taveners, Barratts We have a huge choice ideal for your Vegetarian customers, delegates and friends at affordable prices. Try some for yourself and enjoy! .

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  • American Hard Gums

    American Hard Gums - 3kg | Taverners

    Hard Gums chewy jelly 3kg.

    our price £9.89
  • Fruit Jellies

    Fruit jellies by Taveners 3kg
    Sugar covered fruit shapes by Taverners 3kg
    our price £9.89
  • Giant Apples

    Giant Apples fruit flavour gum sweets 120 tub by Haribo
    Giant Apple Gums 120 x 5p tub Haribo
    our price £3.99
  • Giant Strawbs

    Giant Strawbs fruit flavour gum sweets strawberry shaped 60 x 10p tub by Haribo
    Giant Strawberry Gum 120 x 5p tub Haribo
    our price £3.99
  • Haribo Giant Trees

    Giant Trees fruit flavour gum strawberry shaped 3kg weighout bag
    Xmas Tree gums 3kg by Haribo
    our price £10.79
  • Jelly Beans

    Jelly Beans small  kidney shaped bean in various colours and flavours 3kg bag by Barratt
    Fruit Flavoured jelly 3kg by Barratt
    our price £9.89
  • Jelly Love Hearts

    Jelly Love Hearts 3kg by Barratt.
    our price £9.89
  • Rainbow Pencils

    Rainbow Pencils by SweetZone Halal approved. Contains natural colours 600 x 1p
    Fruit Gums 600 x 1p by Sweetszone
    our price £3.98
  • Rainbow Pencils 1kg

    Rainbow Pencils Multi coloured Mini Rainbow Pencils fruit flavour 1kg bag
    Multi coloured by Sweetzone
    our price £3.99
  • Rotella

    Haribo Rotella fruit flavour gums sweets 60 in a tub
    Haribo Fruit Gums 120 x 5p tub
    our price £3.99
  • Starfish

    Haribo Starfish Fruit flavoured gum sweets120 x 5p tub vegetarian sweet
    Fruit Starfish Gums120 x 5p tub Haribo
    our price £3.99

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