Vegetarian Novelty Sweets

Vegetarian Novelty Sweets: Children and teenagers look out for novelty sweets that are just a bit different and there is always something new coming on the market from far and wide. With today's dietary requirements and individuals that follow a vegetarian diet can have their choice of Novelty sweets that suit them. We stock Lots of Tango and Vimto products in vegetarian. Vimto Popping Candy with and without a lollipop, Vimto Goo. Tango Liquid sprays are another. Brian Lickers now there's a thing!!.What you buy and share will sure be a conversation piece. Just take a look at all of these and more, all sorts of weird and wonderful things for you to try. We sell a great deal in this area and Vegetarian kids are no different and want the latest craze!

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  • Atomic Fire Blast

    Hot hard candy flavoured sweets 24 in a pack.
    Hot Candy Sweets 24 boxes in a pack
    our price £5.39
  • Bonkers Banana

    Bonkers Banana Spray. Liquid Spray Candy. 9 in box by Rose
    Liquid Spray Candy x 9 by Rose
    our price £6.99
  • Candy Cans

    Candy cans, novelty cans filled with fruit flavour sherbet 36 per box
    Cans of sherbet 36 in a box by Swizzel Matlow
    our price £7.15
  • Candy Toilet

    Candy Toilet Strawberry Pop n Sherbet. by Rose 24 in a box
    Lollipop with Sherbet x 24
    our price £8.99
  • Rainbow Drops

    Rainbow Drops Sugar coated puffed maize and rice  by Swizzels matlow 60 in a box
    Sugar coated puffed maize and rice. 60 bags

    Regular Price: £5.30

    Special Price: £4.99

  • Vimto Fizzy Rippa

    Vimto Fizzy Rippa Vimto Candy Belt sweets
    Candy Belt x 36 by Vimto
    our price £10.99

10 Item(s)

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